The Journey Begins

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In future posts I will detail and track many different skills, hobbies, and projects. Chief among the subjects I will cover is beekeeping. 2019 will be my fifth year beekeeping, and I have picked up a lot of information over the last few years. My intent is to share and build a collaborative environment here on this site, where information and experiences can be shared. Additionally, I plan on putting together a series called “Beginning Beekeeper Basics”. This series will be accompanied by videos to help convey the message.

In addition to beekeeping, I will also be detailing the process of making sorghum syrup. What is sorghum syrup, you ask? It is a dark sweet syrup that is made from boiling down the juices from the sorghum plant. Most people compare it to molasses, even though sorghum syrup is mush lighter and sweeter than molasses. Sorghum syrup was used as a sweetener and a sugar substitute fin the US for hundreds of years, particularly in the south. However, it has faded out of favor with the advent of cheap and accessible sugar products. I plan to also make a video series following production process, from preparing the soil to bottling the final product.

I will also detail other outdoor skills, such as gardening and keeping chickens. We have our own small “circle of life” going here at Duncan Acres. The chicken manure is used to create compost for the garden. The bees help pollinate the garden and other plants. The chickens eat scraps from the garden. The bees provide honey and bees wax. Sorghum is used as a sweetener, while the used sorghum plant stalks are made into compost. Long story short, nothing is wasted and everything has a purpose, the way life is supposed to work.

So go ahead and subscribe to join me in my journey. It will be a learning experience for me and you. You can also click the link below to see my Instagram page and subscribe over there as well. Thanks!


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